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American Veteran Peterson, Woodrow Buddie 10/9/2014    
Martin, Willie Lee 10/7/2014    
Harper, Margie Ann 10/5/2014    
Byrd, Mamie W. 10/3/2014    
American Veteran Byrd , William Jack 10/3/2014    
Wilson,Sr., Thomas 10/2/2014    
Sowell, Mary G 9/29/2014    
Shaw , Mary Alice 9/19/2014    
Lighty, Tammy Waynette 9/17/2014    
Richardson, Gloria Jean 9/16/2014    
Littles, Roberta W. 9/14/2014    
Haigler, Kimisha Shenell 9/12/2014    
Blakney, Dora 9/11/2014    
Beasley, John 9/9/2014    
Davidson, Edith Jones 9/1/2014    
Stephens, Cora L. 8/31/2014    
Harris, Elder Johnie 8/24/2014    
Hudson-Tedder, Mary K. 8/23/2014    
Linton, James Waites 8/23/2014    
Ramsey, Anthony 8/22/2014    
Williams-Hicks, Gladys Mae 8/21/2014    
Young, Barbara Ann 8/19/2014    
American Veteran Coe , Charles L. 8/18/2014    
Simmons, Nettie Isom 8/18/2014    
Johnson , Booker 8/16/2014    

 - American Veterans