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Arthur, Candis E. 7/22/2014    
Graham, Sally Louise 7/21/2014    
Cotton, Rose 7/14/2014    
Tedder, Sr. , Walter 7/14/2014    
American Veteran James, Herman Earl 7/9/2014    
James, Freddie 7/8/2014    
Downing, Lucille 7/3/2014    
Wilson, Ruth 7/2/2014    
Davis , Bobby 6/28/2014    
Sellers, Florie Lee 6/28/2014    
Miller, Victoria Huntley 6/14/2014    
Williams , Ernie 6/11/2014    
Carroway, Ruth Barue 6/10/2014    
Jones, Willie James 6/4/2014    
Dolford, Rachel 5/31/2014    
American Veteran Fox, Isaiah 5/30/2014    
Brown, Barbara Baker 5/23/2014    
Burns-Jones, Ka'Ron Latrell 5/20/2014    
Fenwick, Michael Edward 5/16/2014    
Jackson,Jr., Robert 5/11/2014    
Davis, Issac 5/7/2014    
Stephens, Clarence L 4/18/2014    
McFarland, Juanita Coleman 4/11/2014    
Tucker, William 4/11/2014    
Smith-Cranford, Fannie Mae 4/3/2014    

 - American Veterans